Make your mark as a football manager!

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  • Coming soon: Club Manager 2019
  • Upgrade your club from scratch!
  • Define your line-up and team tactics
  • Play against friends and strangers
  • Go for history

club manager 2019 free soccer manager game

Make your mark as a football manager on iOS, Android and PC with Club Manager 2019. Coming soon!

Club Manager 2019 lets you become the manager of your favourite team. Designed with a simple yet in-depth UI, the game is a true pick up and play club manager experience. Does that mean that we skimp on features? Absolutely not! We’re determined to deliver an in-game experience that rewards you for your efforts, yet challenges you to reach the very pinnacle of your chosen league.

football management game features

Take Your Team To The Top!

  • Play matches across a variety of leagues, adjusting your team and tactics as you see fit.
  • Get rewarded for progress and decide how to improve your team.
  • Upscale your team by scouting for key transfer targets and managing your finances.
  • Win cups for both league and cup titles to cement your team’s place in history.

Elevate your club with upgrades!

  • Improve your stadium capacity. This will grant you financial bonuses for every home game. The more that you upgrade, the more that you can invest.
  • Develop your pitch in order to make costly injuries to key players less likely. This will also have a positive effect on the chance of you winning home games more convincingly.
  • Enhance your training facilities to ensure that your players train quicker and develop faster. You will also receive extra player slots leading to greater squad depth.
  • Upgrade your gym to improve key areas of your players stats. Your players can then train more productively to keep your season on track.
  • Upgrade your match manager to reduce the time between each division match.
Football Gym

Experience the full gamut of managerial oversight!

  • Play division matches and climb up the leagues.
  • Play exhibition matches to test tactics and tweak your squad selection.
  • Create your own pool of matches to pit your team against other users in a round-robin format.
  • All of the above is totally across platforms so you will not be ring fenced from any player or any of your friends.
Soccer field

Added features included!

  • Instant in-game chat support to communicate with other players.
  • The ability to play matches with friends or random players.
  • A range of achievements and milestones to elevate your reputation within the game.

About us and Club Manager

Watching the football manager scene evolve over the past few years at GamoVation, we’ve noticed a running theme. There are many existing football games in existence and indeed many football management games.

The overriding thing that we’ve had to deal with as players is football management games that are devoid of content or are so difficult to master that they demotivate the player. We’ve set out to disrupt the norm with Club Manager 2019.

GamoVation have successfully launched a number of games in the last decade. We put the player first when we develop our games. Since 2008, we have enjoyed a player base of well over 12 million unique registered players.

Through our experience, we have acquired the tools and the creative integrity to develop a free-to-play football management game that delivers for the player.

What we have produced is a football management game that won’t befuddle you but will test your skill without being unbalanced or unjust. The UI has received particular attention and the game is easily accessible, yet provides you with the necessary challenge to master the game.

Club Manager 2019 will be available from 2018 across iOS, Android and PC.